DIY MQL Coolant System for Metalworking Applications

2023-04-14 15:22:10 By : Mr. Dave S.G
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Are you tired of dealing with coolant messes and expensive coolant systems? You are not alone! The coolant systems that come with most machines are cumbersome and quite messy, making machining a frustrating and time-consuming affair. However, with the homemade MQL coolant system, you can eliminate coolant-related frustrations and make machining a breeze.
Homemade MQL Coolant System                     -

What is an MQL coolant system?

MQL, or Minimum Quantity Lubrication, is an advanced machining technology that uses small quantities of lubrication instead of coolant. With MQL, lubricant is supplied to the cutting tool tip to provide cooling and lubrication, improving the longevity of the tool, and the quality of the machining. Additionally, MQL eliminates the need for a coolant system, which is messy, expensive, and high-maintenance.

Building your homemade MQL coolant system:

To build your MQL coolant system, the following parts are required:

- A Ball valve
- Custom-machined mixing block
- Needle valve
- Water filter housing
- Tubing
- An air compressor

The ball valve serves as the primary control point in this coolant system. It allows you to control the flow of the MQL lubricant. The custom-machined mixing block is critical as it helps in blending the MQL lubricant with compressed air, which is supplied through the needle valve. The water filter housing traps any debris or moisture in the MQL mixture. The tubing then delivers the MQL lubricant mixture to the cutting tool.

We recommend using an air compressor with at least 2 to 3 HP for most machines. The compressed air should be regulated to approximately 50 PSI, as high-pressure air can damage the seals on the needle valve.

MQL Coolant System advantages:

The homemade MQL coolant system has several advantages, including:

1. Reduced coolant usage- MQL system only uses the minimum amount of lubricant, thus reducing waste and cost.

2. Environmentally Friendly - MQL systems do not produce hazardous waste or pollute the water or air.

3. Lower maintenance costs - fewer moving parts mean fewer expenses in terms of maintenance or coolant.

4. Extended tool life - MQL system reduces heat, thus reducing tool wear and increasing tool life.

5. Health benefits - MQL systems do not have chemical odors or respiratory hazards.


In a nutshell, the Homemade MQL coolant system is an innovative, affordable, and environmentally friendly solution for coolant problems. It is a useful addition to any machine shop, and with the right tools and skills, you can build your system. Add to your machining quality and longevity by eliminating the mess and frustrations of coolant systems and switch to the homemade MQL coolant system. With this system, you will find that machining is easier, less messy, and more precise.