SJB-D60 manual grease filling pump

SJB-D60 manual grease pump is easy to carry -Unlike the electric grease pump, this model has the advantages of small size and light weight, with a handle, can be easily carried to the required place, especially for DBZ-63, DDB series electric lubrication pump and manual lubrication pump grease! -Because it is manually operated, no electricity is needed, so you can take it to any place to use, no longer need to worry about whether the venue has the right power supply, or whether there is a long enough power cord to connect!   No place restrictions|Protection system -The lubrication points that need to be lubricated are generally fragile and expensive, to ensure that the grease supply does not contain grit, iron filings and other impurities that can bring additional damage to the parts that need to be lubricated, the entire lubrication system will have multiple layers of filtration, and the fuel pump is the "first barrier" of the system! It will work with the whole system to ensure that your equipment is not harmed by the impurities mixed with grease and reduce losses!   *It will work with the entire system to ensure that your equipment is not harmed by impurities mixed with grease, reducing losses! Translated with (free version)

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