High pressure resin hose for harsh environments

As a new generation of hydraulic hoses (high-pressure pneumatic hoses), high-pressure resin hoses have considerable advantages over traditional rubber hoses in the past. First, the oil resistance of high-pressure resin pipes is more than 5 times higher than that of rubber pipes. Compared with rubber pipes of the same specification, it has higher pressure bearing capacity and lower pipe body weight. The fiber braided high-pressure resin tube can be designed and produced according to user needs of various pressure high-pressure hoses; the working pressure of the 3mm pressure measuring tube can reach 63MPa; and the outer diameter is only 6mm. The appearance of the high-pressure resin tube is generally made of high-quality polyurethane elastomer material, and its wear resistance is three times higher than that of the rubber tube. This material is known as the king of wear resistance. It has better chemical resistance and stronger corrosion resistance. It is an environmentally friendly high-performance hose. Whether it is processing or application, its reliable environmental performance is loved by users. The inner wall of the high-pressure resin tube is as smooth as a mirror surface, which neither pollutes the medium nor is polluted by the medium; the power transmission loss is smaller and the efficiency is higher. The high-pressure resin tube reinforced by fiber braiding can be used as an insulating hose due to the excellent insulation performance of the selected material itself.

Products Details

Size O.D(mm) I.D(mm) W.P working pressure(bar)
8.8*4.2 8.8 4.2 21
8.6*4.2 8.6 4.2
11*6 11 6
6*3 6 3
● High pressure hose with grease is equipped with the screw sleeve (threaded sleeve) and a hose stud (pipe fitting)at its respective line ends and thus ready for connection ● Cost savings, the hose can be taken according to the actual length of use. ● For the installation of the screw sleeve and the hose stud, the mechanic will require no special tools. Easy to disassemble and assemble. Tighten the nut. ●Composite resin hose: This kind of hose is made of inner tube (PA11), reinforcement (High Pressure Synthetic Fiber), and cover made of three layers of High Flexibility polyurethane.).It is Light weight, Flexibility, and the inner tube is very smooth. With a few loss of pressure, the hose resistance of the medium flowing is small, and it also owns a fine performance of Anti-chemical and impulse. ●Applicable to Automobile, Engineering, Machinery, Lathe, Agriculture, Machine, Mining, Spurting the oil paint, avigation & Space flight, Cooling and other Hydraulic Control System. In case of occasion, spring sheath protection can be added.●Applicable temperature range is -20C - 80C.

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